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If you’re looking to bet on CFL games online, let’s face it - you’re a hardcore fan.  No matter what part of the country you’re from and whatever team you support, betting on the CFL is so much better with an online sportsbook. Whether you are in Ontario with the Ticats, Argos and Redblacks, in Quebec supporting the Alouettes, in the Prairies supporting the Bombers or the Green Riders or out West cheering for the Lions, Stamps or Eskimos, your local lottery sports betting game is giving you the lowest odds and payouts available.  

We all like our routines and most of us dislike change.  I know I’m in that category.  Then one day I became curious about the payouts offered by online betting sites.  Were they lower, about the same or better than my local Ontario lottery game?  So I did an apples-to-apples comparison of my picks against the spread between the old school and the new school.  What I found not only applies to CFL games but to NFL and  NCAA football games as well.

For my point spread selections, I had the Argos over Montreal and Saskatchewan over Calgary.  The CFL betting odds given by my Ontario lottery game were 2.00 no matter what teams I picked.  If you pick two games, those are the odds regardless of the teams.  When I went to the online sportsbook.  Each of the odds against the spread for all four teams in those two games were 1.91.  Select two games and you multiply 1.91 by 1.91 and my total odds were 3.65 for the parlay.  No matter what teams I picked at the sportsbook, 3.65 would have been my odds.  So for the exact same CFL parlay bet, the online sportsbook was prepared to pay me 82% more money if I won my ticket compared to my local lottery betting game.  That’s right, 82%!!  Have a look at my blog updates to the right for all sorts of odds comparisons between the old school and new school.

So I’ve established you can make more money with your winning CFL bets when you play with an online sportsbook.  However, you still need to know where to play.  You need to know who accepts Canadian Dollars directly as most only use USD, GBP or Euros for their accounts.   You also want Canadian-friendly deposit and withdrawal methods.  Of course you only want to deal with trustworthy, secure and established companies.  Well I’ve done the research on nearly 30 sportsbooks and the ones I list below provide all of this to you the Canadian CFL bettor with action available on every CFL game including point spreads, over/under lines, moneylines (just pick the winner) as well as prop betting.

Quickly Compare the Top CFL Sportsbooks

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Bodog is one of the oldest brands in Canadian sports betting, founded in 1994. They’ve paid out over $50 billion to players, having never missed a payment.  They only accept Canadian players so you know they cater Canadian preferences.  Read the full review here.

About My Football Betting Listings:

Why is my list so brief?  I only list the sportsbooks that I consider to be the best for Canadians.  I researched nearly 30 companies. If I ranked them all, would you sign up with sportsbook number 22?  Not a chance!

Thus, I keep things simple.  If a company doesn’t measure up against my Canadian perspective, they don’t get listed.

Why could a sportsbook fail to get listed?  A record of withholding bettor funds or placing limits on the accounts of winning players, not offering Canadian Dollar betting or not offering mobile wagering solutions.

Each listed company has satisfied my review criteria, but there are differences in their service offerings, so read the reviews and choose based on your own preferences and requirements, not some fake rating scheme.

If you like to compare football odds and lines to get the highest possible payout, it probably makes sense to register with more than one site so that you can maximise your winnings.  

Why else should you want to bet on CFL games online?  Convenience in every respect:

Have you got a smartphone?  Of course you do.  Each of the above sportsbooks offer amazing mobile betting platforms that are super easy to use.  You can check the latest CFL odds and lines, scores and place your bets before or even live during the game - even check on Grey Cup winner odds.    

Not only does this mean you can have more fun while the game is on, you’ll never miss a deadline or have to rush to your local corner store to pick up your ticket.  Just get your phone out, tap, tap, tap and you ready to go.  Do yourself a favour and save yourself some time.  You already bank and shop securely online to save time and money.  Do the same with your CFL betting by logging onto your computer or just as simply though your mobile device.

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