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Credit Cards are accepted by every sportsbook in my list.  You should be aware that all Canadian card companies approach these direct transactions with sportsbook sites and gaming services as cash advances, not as purchases.  This means that interest will mount on the transaction.  While this might be good for when you first sign up as you no doubt have a credit card readily available, I recommend that you sign up with one of the e-wallets or pre-paid card secure transaction services below to save on interest charges if you’d like your card to be the original funding source.  When you use your card with the services below, the card transaction is treated as a purchase rather than a cash advance, thus saving the interest charges.

Interac Email Money Transfers are becoming the preferred payment methods for Canadians toward sports betting sites.  You can access Interac transfers from your online banking service from any major Canadian bank or even credit unions.  The Interac-set limit for transactions is currently $2,000 to $3,000.  Funding your account with this method is as simple as sending an email or using the Interac Online interface.  This is a great banking method to use as it is so fast and likely already at your fingertips.  Read more about Interac betting sites.

Bank Transfers are also accepted by every betting site on my list.  There is nearly no limit to the amount you can deposit or withdraw when using this method (though each site may have its own withdrawal rules).  When you deposit, each service will provide a reference number and bank account details.  You will then provide these to your bank so the funds can be attributed to your account.  This will likely take 2 to 3 business days.

Entropay is essentially a virtual Visa card which is prepaid - meaning there is no credit check or application required.  It allows you to pay instantly and privately so that you don’t share your financial information with the betting site.  You can load your virtual Entropay Visa by using an actual credit card, your debit card or with your bank transfer and funds can easily be paid back onto your Entropay virtual Visa for transfer back to your original funding source.  If your funding source is a credit card, by using Entropay as the intermediary solution, you will avoid the cash advance interest charges as your credit card transaction will be treat ed as a purchase, not a cash advance.  Entropay is accepted at Bodog, Pinnacle and William Hill.

EcoCard lets you send money securely independent of your bank account and without any sort of credit application.  The EcoCard is a physical or virtual card  that you can use anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  You have total control over what is spent because you can only spend what is loaded onto the card.  Load funds from your bank account or another credit card.  Sports Interaction accepts EcoCard.  This method also helps you to avoid those cash advance interest charges if  you use your credit card as the original funding source.

ClickandBuy lets you pay with your credit card or debiting your bank account.  Very similar to PayPal, if you use your credit card through ClickandBuy, you will avoid the cash advance interest charges that you would incur by using the your card directly with the betting site.  Clickandbuy was established in Germany in 1999 and are an accredited Electronic Money Institution and is now headquartered in London and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  ClickandBuy is now a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.  You can seamlessly may with your mobile with ClickandBuy and use it with Pinnacle, Sports Interaction and William Hill.

Instadebit essentially works like an online cheque.  You don’t fund an Instadebit account from another funding source as it is NOT an e-wallet.  You use Instadebit like a cheque to create a link between your bank and your merchant of choice, in this case Pinnacle or Sports Interaction.  Simply register with Instadebit, verify a bank account and then at your chosen betting site simply sign in and approve a transfer.  Transaction limits with Instadebit tend to be in excess of $10,000.  Transaction fees with Instadebit are about one or two dollars depending on the type.  Instadebit also allows you to pay easily with your mobile.  Use Instadebit at Pinnacle, Sports Interaction and William Hill.

iDebit facilitates inexpensive online banking transfers.  Move money to and from your iDebit account with your Canadian bank account up to a limit of $1,000 per transaction.  Fees to move money using iDebit are around one or two dollars per transaction. Creating your account is free.  iDebit is accepted at Pinnacle, Sports Interaction and William Hill.

Ukash works like a gift card or gift certificate.  You simply go to the Ukash website to find one of over 15,000 Ukash partner locations across Canada (Like a post office, gas station or new stand).  At these locations, you will be able to buy a Ukash code in denominations of $15, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $250.  Your actual prices will be higher than these amounts.  The difference accounts for the fee that is split between the retailer and Ukash itself.  Actual respective fees are $16.95, $28.95, $54.95, $79.95, $105.95, $156.95 and $259.95.  You will then be able to redeem your Ukash voucher at Pinnacle, Sports Interaction or William Hill by entering the PIN code and the corresponding amount.

Paysafecard is also a gift-card-like solutions where you can buy in amounts of  $10, $30, $50 or $100 each with a unique 16-digit PIN.  You can combine up to ten cards for payments up to $1,000.  

How to deposit money into a football betting account - All about deposit methods in Canada

To deposit and withdraw funds to and from one of the top Canadian betting services listed below, you’ll need to use one of the transaction methods listed below, where I describe how they work.  You may use credit cards directly with the sportsbook, you can email them the funds from your bank, you can use a prepaid card solution where you load funds onto a card, you can register for an e-wallet solution linked to your credit card or bank account much like PayPal, or you can buy physical prepaid solutions from retail locations for use online.  If you’re wondering if you can use PayPal to fund your betting account, you should know that PayPal’s rules prevent ANY transfer of funds from Canadians to ANY type of sports betting service.  So unfortunately, PayPal is never an option for you, though you may see a mark of acceptance on a particular sportsbook site, but rest assured that this applies to people in a handful of European countries - not Canadians.

Quickly Compare the Deposit Methods for Online Football Betting in Canada

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Bodog is one of the oldest brands in Canadian sports betting, founded in 1994. They’ve paid out over $50 billion to players, having never missed a payment.  They only accept Canadian players so you know they cater Canadian preferences.  Read the full review here.